Cristina Sáenz

Invention Education Manager

Cristina Sáenz is the Invention Education Manager at Lemelson-MIT (LMIT).  Cristina leads the Partners in Invention Education team as they work with educators and administrators to build thriving and sustainable invention education pathways in diverse communities throughout the United States. Prior to joining the team at LMIT, Cristina was an elementary school teacher in both Boston, MA and Orlando, FL. During her time as a teacher, she became passionate  about engaging students who don’t see themselves as “STEM people” in inventing and STEM fields. After years in the classroom, Cristina entered the University of Central Florida’s College of Community Innovation and Education to pursue her PhD in Education with an emphasis on Inclusive STEM.  Her research has been published in peer reviewed, scholarly journals and presented at national conferences. Outside of work, Cristina enjoys sports, running, and spending time with her daughter.


Bachelors of Arts, Political Science, Rollins College 

Master of Arts in Teaching, Northeastern University 

Doctorate of Philosophy in Education, University of Central Florida 

If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Cristina would like to invent something that detects when women and girls' knees are more susceptible to ACL tears.