Kale Rogers, Michael Farid, Braden Knight and Luke Schlueter are four passionate mechanical and electrical engineering students at MIT. The team bonded over a common love of robots and food and an interest in creating things the world has never seen before.

Kale, from Newberg, Ore., a senior mechanical engineer student, has a deep interest in human robot interaction. Over the summer of 2014, he worked with UNICEF in Cambodia to assess water systems from both a technical and social standpoint.

Michael, from Dubai, UAE, a mechanical engineering graduate student, is the system integrator on the team. He has shared his entrepreneurship experience through talks and one-on-one meetings with underclassman interested in starting their own businesses.

Braden, from Fremont, Calif., a senior mechanical engineering student concentrating in robotics, serves as the team’s electrical systems lead. He has a love of teaching and mentoring; he serves as a teacher’s assistant in several classes, is part of the Warren Tech mentorship program and helps the Society of Women Engineers run their Girl Scout outreach days.

Luke, from St. Louis, Mo., a senior mechanical engineering student, is the team’s mechanical design lead who dedicates his free time to mentoring high schoolers with the Warren Tech mentorship program.

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