Carl Schoellhammer

Carl Schoellhammer, a Santa Monica, Calif. native and doctoral candidate in the lab of Professor Robert Langer and Daniel Blankschtein at MIT, has a drive to invent that is rooted in a desire to help others. His doctoral work focuses on the development of novel devices and treatment modalities to enable the transdermal and oral delivery of biologics; his inventions aim to ease discomfort for millions of patients.

Carl attributes the development of his career to the mentors who have encouraged him throughout his education and research. He is paying his experience forward by helping young scientists. Carl is involved with the Broad Institute’s NetPals Program, where he mentors a local seventh grader and together they discuss science, work and life. He also mentors a team of high school students, who he helped advance in a competition held by the Health Occupations Student Organization and helped develop hands-on interactive demonstrations for the Cambridge Science Festival.

Carl received his BS from the University of California, Berkeley in Chemical Engineering with an Applied Physical Science Concentration. He has published seven peer-reviewed papers and has seven patent applications and disclosures.