EurekaFest: Where Student Inventors Display World-Class Inventions

EurekaFest: A day to celebrate the inventive spirit!
June 12, 2024

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Presenters Included:

Calistoga Junior Senior High School InvenTeam 
FlameGuard: Keeping wildland firefighters cool on the job 

Incline High School InvenTeam
Device to assist homeowners in measuring rooftop snow load 

Greenbrier East High School 
Inventing Smart Solutions–Team Alpha 
Adjustable height wheelchair

e3 Civic High InvenTeam
Guard-D-rink: Creating a safer environment for people in social settings

Cincinnati Country Day School InvenTeam
Device for a bicycle to increase bicycle safety

Cold Spring Harbor High School InvenTeam 
­ Devise to reduce the tick population in the northeast

Greenbrier East High School
Inventing Smart Solutions–Team Delta 
Mask Integrated Thermal Imaging System 

Chattahoochee High School InvenTeam
Gasbuster: Reducing indoor air pollution from gas cooking stoves 

Calistoga Junior Senior High School
Inventing Smart Solutions Team
 Dulce Temperatura (Sweet Temp)
Keeping agricultural workers cool on the job

Device to assist people with limited mobility to move or change positions  

Anoushka Nair and Dylan Striek

Amherst Regional High School InvenTeam
Smart Search Shirt: Garment that will report rescuers' vital signs and location


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