EurekaFest: Where High School Teams Display World-Class Inventions

The 2022-23 InvenTeams are hard at work developing technological solutions to the problems they've identified. On June 14, 2023, at EurekaFest on the MIT campus, you'll be able to see their presentations and meet them in person at the showcase. To learn more about these InvenTeams, click here

EurekaFest is an event that empowers student inventors, honors role models, and encourages creativity and problem solving. To get a taste of the event, take a look at last year's participants, the 2022 Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams. These high school students from across the country, who received an InvenTeam grant to build a working prototype to solve a real-world problem in their community, were a part of EurekaFest 2022. 

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Curious? Explore the inventions of last year's InvenTeams

Brentwood High School (NY)
Monitoring Systems for Climate Change and March Ecosystem Health

California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CA)
Child Drowning Prevention Device

Cambridge Christian School (FL)
Offshore Environmental Monitoring Device

East Central High School (MS)
Portable Wildfire Shelter

Exit 65A Robotics (NJ)
Pedestrian Safety Device

Girls of Steel Robotics (PA)
Fitness Device for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Greenbrier East High School (WV)
Digital Junction Tracker for Caves

Hudson Valley Pathways Academy (NY) InvenTeam
Tick Detection Device


Also presenting at EurekaFest 2022 were the Massachusetts Invention Convention 2022 Top 20 Winners
Massachusetts Invention Convention 

Akhila - Independent
Continuous Groundwater Monitoring with Machine Learning

Binder Computer Holder

Stove Blocker

Gurleen - Hopkinton High School
Artificial Intelligence Image Classifier for Identifying Disposal and Health Hazards of Commonly Used Plastics

Jac & Ayden 
The WHAT Shelf

Juan Rafael - Arlington High School
2022 Assistive Glove v2 

Kaylee & Mary 
Reversible Flag

One Bag at a Time

Rylee and Disha - Hopkinton High School

Holiday Holster 

Sahana & Zachary 
The Safe Stove

Tanisha - Hopkinton High School
Detection of Deepfakes Using Haar-Cascades & GANs 

Victoria - Hopkinton High School
Easy-Store Pumped Paintbrush Chamber

William K

William L
Ski Sense


Student Prize

Benjamin & Zane

Grain Weevil