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Invention and Inclusive Innovation (i3) is the groundbreaking learning initiative that intersects the power of invention with the liberation of entrepreneurship to allow real people to identify real problems in their community and create real solutions. Our proven approach gets students on the pathway to invention where they may reap the benefits of the innovation economy.


Uses an open-ended inquiry and problem-finding approach to guide multidisciplinary teams of college students, working online and in and out of the classroom, as they solve problems within their communities.
Catalyzes innovative solutions to social problems with the potential to be protected through a patent or trademark and to generate new businesses.
Supports the creation of for-benefit enterprises that include a social purpose in their mission.

Invention education develops the human and technical skills needed for today’s growth economy.

LMIT works with your higher education faculty and staff to develop their understandings of invention processes and practices, and assists with your (re)design of courses and/or program offerings.

Students build on their existing strengths as creative problem solvers while developing new knowledge and technical skills as they work through the invention process. The learning approach is particularly impactful for those underrepresented in STEM college and career pathways. Invention Education (IvE) via i3 teaches students about the possibilities for making a difference in their local and global communities through invention diversity, inclusivity, and equity as pillars to success.

The i3 initiative began as a collaboration between the California Community College Chancellor’s Office and the Lemelson-MIT Program. Resources are informed by the Lemelson-MIT Program’s high school InvenTeams® initiative offered nationwide since 2004.  i3 uses resources developed in collaboration with a global innovation research lab and community college faculty and is based on LMIT’s Invention Education process.

Modesto Junior College

Stephanie Couch, LMIT's Executive Director, talks to Santanu Bandyopadhyay, president of Modesto Junior College, about the benefits of incorporating i3 (Invention & Inclusive Innovation) into the programming at Modesto Junior College in Modesto, California.

Chaffey College

A brief look into the first class of the Inventions and Inclusive Innovation at Chaffey College which launched in 2021. Professors Mark Padilla and Brian Atkinson lead the program through a collaboration with Lemelson-MIT and the US Department of Education Title III

LMIT Possibility Bank


Are you a creative, aspiring inventor seeking inspiration for solutions to some of the world's most pressing issues? Lemelson-MIT has created a library of videos from an assortment of our brightest minds, highlighting their invention process from conception to solution.

Some may call these problems -- we like to think of them as possibilities!

Choose a category of interest to learn more.

Consumer Goods
Food Insecurity
Women's Health

Your Support Counts

Your support goes a long way: Sponsor an InvenTeam, Send a group to EurekaFest on the MIT campus, Provide professional development to educators, Support a local invention convention for K-12 learners,
Introduce Invention Education to a community college.
We have so many Pathways to Invention Education for you to choose!