Bayfield High School InvenTeam

Bayfield, WI
  • The idea for a SCUBA breathing and pressure monitor sprung from Robert Nelson, an avid scuba diver and student.
  • In its initial research, the InvenTeam confirmed with the Professional Association for Dive Instruction (PADI) that no technology was available to monitor a partner’s breathing levels. Bubbles often serve as the main indicator, but a better sign was needed.
  • The InvenTeam’s first Eureka! moment occurred when it tried a DC (direct current) motor in lieu of a generator to light an LED indicator.
  • A second Eureka! moment occurred when the InvenTeam adapted a dentist drill, which has a turbine that proved to be more efficient than the DC motor to construct a final prototype.
  • Professionals from Ashland Industries, Washburn Family Dentistry, and Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College served as mentors to the InvenTeam.