Alabama School of Mathematics and Science InvenTeam

Mobile, AL
Anti-Mine Robot System
  • IPSCO and Ciba Geigy funded the InvenTeam’s three-day trip to the humanitarian demining training center in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., which offered expert advice and lessons during development of the invention.
  • "We were able to see exactly how humans go through the demining process and then model our robotics system directly after that," said student Reed Tomlinson. "We [were] able to model it after a technique that we know works and that the UN and the Department of Defense trusts."
  • The InvenTeam constructed two proofs of concept using hot-pink Barbie™ jeeps for the chassis, in lieu of its first choice, Power Wheels® jeeps, which were sold out at the time of purchase. The InvenTeam spray-painted the jeeps black to be more suitable for the prototypes.
  • The students planned to rethink the design and create a new chassis – not from Power-Wheels type jeeps – to improve their invention.