Eleanor Roosevelt High School InvenTeam

Greenbelt , MD
Dozing-driver Waking Device
  • According to an InvenTeam student presenter, "Thirty-one percent of all drivers fall asleep at the wheel at least once in their lifetime, which causes 100,000 accidents annually."
  • Many have developed alarms to wake drivers as their heads tip, but this method is often too late.
  • Honda created the Video Lane Drift Monitor, which monitors lane markings with a camera and senses when a driver begins to drift out of a lane; however, it doesn't wake the driver.
  • The InvenTeam's device is an earpiece with an eye-sensor that sounds an alarm when the driver closes his/her eyes for an extended period of time.
  • Lockhead Martin provided a supplementary grant of $9000, so the InvenTeam can continue developing its invention and apply for a patent.
  • The InvenTeam received a 2009 Continuation Grant.