Johns Creek, GA

All Terrain Accessibility Transporter

The Chattahoochee High School InvenTeam invented an after-market device to enable continuous mobility for adolescents using manual wheelchairs. The All-Terrain Accessibility Transporter (ATAT) allows manual wheelchairs to be stabilized on slopes of up to forty-five degrees and on rugged terrain at beaches or parks. Also, it can tread up a flight of stairs with a height of up to 6 inches per step. The device is easy to store and transport in the bed of pickup trucks and wheelchair-accessible vans with dimensions of 48.7” x 50”. The ATAT control system uses a joystick for chassis movement and buttons for the wheelchair lift. The control system is powered by a 12 V, 18 amp-hour battery with a life of up to 6 hours per charge. The device is suitable for individuals up to 170 pounds using a manual wheelchair. It is made from aluminum sheet metal for a stronger, lighter chassis and V-belt treads for strength and ability to latch onto stairs and rugged terrains.

Recent Team Blogs

February 2, 2018
In the last couple of weeks, the CHS Synergy InvenTeam has made significant progress in terms of the technical aspects of the project. In December, the team decided to change the project's design to be more technically feasible, we have not struggled in meeting deadlines and following our Gantt/...
December 29, 2017
Team Synergy is making a device for wheelchairs to be able to go across different terrains. An off-road wheelchair would be an appropriate name for the invention. With nine bright and creative minds, we are collaborating with each other to make this the best possible journey in making a device...