Dublin, CA

SpORT; A device enabling handicapped students to participate in the Special Olympics

We are developing a machine utilizing a dual-flywheel design with pitch/yaw modularity for basketball and soccer sports. SpORT (Special Olympic Robotic Thrower) is intended to aid handicapped students who lack motor function and/or the ability to otherwise actively participate in these activities.

Recent Team Blogs

February 6, 2018
As the day of the Mid Grant Technical Review rapidly approaches, the team is working in double-time to prepare everything for the showcase. Excluding just a few minor adjustments left to make, the second prototype of SpORT is finally completed. The software and electrical teams have been...
November 18, 2017
Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Dublin High School InvenTeam blog! Just two weeks ago, our team received the grant money from L-MIT and we hit the ground running. We’ve begun ordering parts for the mechanical aspect of the team and initiated the first stage of prototyping SpORT....
November 10, 2017
The first phase of four is ready to be built; it will purely test the launching mechanism, allowing us to verify our calculations regarding rpm of the fly wheels and trajectory. Full scale model, parts lists, and electronic schematics have been completed. We bought the mdf to create the frame on...