Fairview, PA

System comprised of a stethoscope and self-cleaning carrying case for clinical settings

Recent Team Blogs

January 31, 2018
We have been working on a functioning prototype and clarifying the sound through the Lyssna bell.  The UV case and other components for our technical review in February are in good progress.  This is Zach and Brendan experimenting with sound quality through the bell!  We are...
December 21, 2017
We have worked with blue foam to experiment with the comfort and size of different handle shapes for the Lyssna.  These are two of our favoites that are comfortable to hold and large enough for electronics.  We have drawn CADD models and rapid prototyped two of them.  We are...
November 29, 2017
All of our prototyping materials have shipped and arrived at Fairview! As initial sketches and designs are finished, we plan to begin prototyping of the product soon!