Colfax, CA

Device to Transform Brush into Biochar and Electrical Energy

Recent Team Blogs

January 27, 2020
Video of our working prototype"
January 22, 2020
We hosted a visiting school and taught Forest Management practices and best ways to make your community more fire safe. Two minute video of day;
December 28, 2019
Colfax has begun the inventing process. We have received our stirling engine which converts heat into electricity. We are looking into applying this to our invention as an electrical output. Thursday the 12th we began testing different environments for burning. We bought a firepit called the solo...
November 27, 2019
We are in a rural area of Northern California, where the wildfire risk is extremely high. We are less than an hour from Paradise, where the deadliest California fire was last year. The only way for us to prevent this happening in our community is to start reducing the fuel loads at our homes. We...