Hamlin, WV

System to Remotely Manage and Monitor High Tunnels

The Lincoln County High School InvenTeam invented a system to automate some aspects of high tunnel maintenance. The system records ambient temperature, humidity, and soil moisture every two seconds. When these variables are recorded outside of a farmer-specified range, the system can turn on drip irrigation or raise/lower the sides of the high tunnel to increase airflow and modify temperature and humidity. The entire system runs off of a marine battery and is solar-powered to ensure it functions in off-grid environments.

Recent Team Blogs

April 25, 2019
George Urling
April 25, 2019
So bad, It's Good.  
February 13, 2019
On Februray 7, 2019, we presented our Automated High Tunnel protoype to our local Farm Bureau and FFA Alumni members. The Farm Bureau and FFA Alumni members gave us positive feedback and some suggestions on how to improve our model design.