Anti-Mine Robot System

IPSCO and Ciba Geigy funded the InvenTeam’s three-day trip to the humanitarian demining training center in Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., which offered expert advice and lessons during development of the invention. "We were able to see exactly how humans go through the demining process and then model our robotics system directly after that," said student Reed Tomlinson. "We [were] able to model it after a technique that we know works and that the UN and the Department of Defense trusts." The InvenTeam constructed two proofs of concept using hot-pink Barbie™ jeeps for the chassis, in lieu of its first choice, Power Wheels® jeeps, which were sold out at the time of purchase. The InvenTeam spray-painted the jeeps black to be more suitable for the prototypes. The students planned to rethink the design and create a new chassis – not from Power-Wheels type jeeps – to improve their invention.