Solar-powered Biodiesel Processor

Driven by a mission "to raise awareness and use of carbon-neutral alternative fuels," the InvenTeam designed a 500-mL processor operated by a 12-volt battery. The InvenTeam has been testing the biodiesel in an old Air Force bus that it secured from Jefferson Barracks in St. Louis, Mo., with the help of teacher Ray Sleeper. Since the InvenTeam's presentation at the Odyssey in June 2007, the students have increased the biodiesel concentration from 30 to 50 percent, with an aim of using 100 percent biodiesel. The InvenTeam has continued to work on its design to charge the batteries of the processor with a solar array. Also known as the Merrimack Biodiesel Crew, the InvenTeam's motto is: "Saving the Globe One French Fry at a Time." View the InvenTeam's promotion for the "Innovate or Die" contest.