Agricultural crop spraying UAV

The Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics and Engineering Technologies InvenTeam invented HASMAAD, a High Accuracy Spraying Multirotor Autonomous Agricultural Drone. HASMAAD is an unmanned aerial vehicle designed to efficiently and accurately spray pesticides on crops for small-scale farms. The autonomous element of the drone reduces the time, labor, and risk of pesticide exposure to the user. The drone is an octorotor that is five feet long, uses 16 propellers, has a dome on top containing the electronics, and a half-gallon tank attached to a spray boom beneath to contain and spray the pesticide. The drone navigates by GPS and computerized visual tracking to the desired area and completes the task by spraying the crops, while simultaneously tracking the plants to ensure accurate coverage. The drone returns to its designated home station when the task is complete. The alpha prototype cost $4000 to fabricate. Watch their 2014 EurekaFest Video