Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Bracelet and Alert System

The Davenport West High School InvenTeam invented wearable technology to prevent vehicular heatstroke deaths for children under five years old by using a three-device system. The system includes a child proximity sensor worn on the child’s ankle, a stationary beacon in the car, and an Android application on a parent or guardian’s mobile device. The system monitors the child’s proximity to the vehicle and parent, while also monitoring the internal temperature within the car. All information is relayed to and processed by the Android application. An alert is sent to the parent’s mobile device if the child is within an unsafe distance to the family vehicle, or if the parent leaves the proximity of the vehicle when the child is in the car. An additional alert will be sent when the internal temperature of the vehicle reaches 80°F and when the child’s ankle bracelet is still being detected in the vehicle. Watch their 2015 EurekaFest Video