Coppell, TX

Interactive Training Device to Aid Cognitive and Physical Development in Youth

The Coppell High School InvenTeam invented Gateways, an interactive training device to aid in the cognitive and physical development of the students of the Coppell High School Special Education Department. Special educators can individualize and input lessons on a computer and start a learning session for the student. The student’s physical responses are recorded during the lessons (e.g.: face and hand gestures, direction of visual gaze, physical screen touch), and Gateways summarizes the data. The system consists of one teacher computer, one (3)-axis adjustable touch screen monitor with a camera for motion tracking, proprietary learning software, database management and reporting system. Gateways is unique in the $13B education technology market because there is no product that offers this level of detailed data to teachers. Watch their 2015 EurekaFest Video