Semi-Automatic Cleaning Device for NYC Subway Tracks

The Baruch College Campus High School InvenTeam invented a detachable, semi-automatic cleaning device that picks up debris from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s subway tracks in New York City to prevent subterranean fires and train delays. The device attaches to an existing flat bed car of a work train. The device is semi-automatic using light and ultrasonic sensors, plus four pneumatic cylinders. The light sensors work in conjunction with the ultrasonic sensors to automatically turn the cleaning device on and off when it either senses the light of the approaching station, or senses storage has reached full capacity. The attachment holds up to 40 gallons of debris and can run 5-10 times more frequently than the current cleaning device, reducing manual labor by 20%. The current prototype cost approximately $1,000 to build and produces a suction power of 200 air watts using a 6.5 horsepower motor. Watch their 2015 EurekaFest Video