Cherry Plain, NY

Lever Launch & Retrieve to aid physical therapy

The Berlin High School InvenTeam invented an adaptive device for persons who are confined to wheelchairs and would benefit from hand/arm activity while maintaining their independence. The physical activity exerted through use of the Lever Launch and Retrieve System includes stretching and bilateral movements achieved through play. The device consists of four major subsystems: • an easily attached and detached wireless control console that can be mounted on a standard wheelchair, • a lever-launch mechanism, • a robot chassis, and • a mechanical arm with five degrees of freedom that is mounted on the chassis to retrieve and return the launched object to the person. Benefits from repeated use of the Lever Launch and Retrieve System may include improved functional abilities, muscle strength, active and passive joint range, and coordination. The autonomous nature of the device allows the person to gain strength while maintaining their independence.

Recent Team Blogs

June 19, 2016
We had an amazing experience at MIT during EurekaFest.  Thank you Lemelson-MIT program for sponsoring us this year - we are grateful for the opportunity and will remember it fondly.
June 19, 2016
Berlin is excited to be on MIT campus for the celebration of the invention spirit !
June 14, 2016
Ladies & Gentlemen; The Berlin InvenTeam is pleased to introduce to you a demonstration video of our engineering design project, Lever Launch & Retrieve; enjoy !          
May 16, 2016
Berlin InvenTeam presented to the Town Board of Stephentown this evening; although only 2 team members were present for the presentation, they did a pheonmenal job ! Thank you Emma & Samantha for representing the team so well this evening.  
May 10, 2016
Here is a link to a video snippet of our latest progress, this time on the Lever Launch subsystem.    
May 8, 2016
A moving dedication ceremony at RPI for our former mentor Burt Swersey (RPI lecturer); thanks to the Lemelson Foundation's generous donation to RPI, the Burt Swersey Invention Studio was made possible. Famous for his innovative course How to Change the World, tireless advocate for our engineering...
May 8, 2016
A special shout out to Tony Perry (Lemelson-MIT Invented liaison) for driving out to see us for an on site visit. Thank you for attending the Burt Swersey class room dedication ceremony with us at RPI. It was a wonderful event.  
May 5, 2016
Here's a look at our device, Lever Launch & Retrieve: this photo highlights the essense of the retrieval portion of our device.
May 5, 2016
We are tweaking some issues on our device, Lever  Launch & Retrieve, including: connectivity issues with wireless receiver and the gaming controller on the mechanical arm; radio frequency conflict between our robot chassis and our school's walkie talkie units; and electrical noise on the...
April 20, 2016
    Here's a link to this week's progress for the Berlin InvenTeam, where we were successful in getting our joystick to maniplulate the robot chassis through RF modules; the issue causing us great angst was the RF receiver translated the message from the emitter in ASCII - we...
April 18, 2016
We just returned from a fundraising presentation for the town board in Petersburgh - MIT here we come ! 
April 14, 2016
          We made progress today in wiring our joystick directly to the robot chassis to control its movements; we are pleased with the results and are now moving forward with getting the joystick to respond remotely to the robot chassis with an RF module ~...
April 12, 2016
          We made some progress on the software development for the mechanical arm. We are having some problems with the wireless connectivity between the xBox360 controller and the usb hub; we also needs to adjust the program code on the motor movements for...
March 21, 2016
The team made progress on the programming for the robot chassis. Our RF24 transreceiver is communicating movements from our joystick to a small DC motor; we will be applying it to our 12v motors on the robot chassis this week.   Other exciting news, we have been contacted...
March 10, 2016
Here's a link to the news story that aired on WTEN news in Albany.
March 4, 2016
Berlin InvenTeam is scheduled to be interviewed by Carmen Chow, local news channel WTEN in Albany on Wednesday, March 9th @ 10:00 a.m. EST.  Alex Brooks, Community Editor for our local paper, Eastwick Press, contacted our team this week to learn more about our engineering design...
February 25, 2016
Our Mid Grant Technical Review was a success !  Our all-female engineering design team articulated themselves as young professionals with grace and poise; they made their faciltator, school administrators, and family proud last night - congratulations ladies !  We are looking...
February 24, 2016
Berlin InvenTeam is excited & anxious for this evening's Mid-Grant Technical Review of our engineering design project, Lever Launch & Retrieve.  Our eyes were glued to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Adminsitration website looking for the impending weather forecast; we are...
January 12, 2016
We left for the holiday break feeling positive about our accomplishments to date, however, since returning from break, we have experienced a few setbacks.  Our mechanical arm needs an extension added due to the height differentiation of the robot chassis and we are...
December 9, 2015
We have been making forward strides in our engineering design project this month; we finished coding the microcontroller for the Lever Launch subsystem and it is now ready to test; the CAD file for the casing of the Control Console is being printing by an outside vendor and should arrive...
November 2, 2015
What an unbelievable whirlwind October has been.  The excitement from the Lemelson-MIT program announcement of this year's InvenTeams to the celebration of our success has been quickly replaced with the work on the control console for our invention idea.  We have completed the CAD...