El Paso, TX
System to Sort Recycled Plastics and Create PET Flakes
New York, NY
Publicly Accessible Laundry Machine for People Experiencing Homelessness
Billerica, MA
System to Monitor and Predict Snow Loads on Commercial Flat Roofs
Bronx, NY, NY
Wearable Device to Monitor Physical Surroundings and Alert to Danger
Colfax, CA
Device to Transform Brush into Biochar and Electrical Energy
Sparks, NV
Device to Remove Cigarette Butts from Drain Sewers
Oklahoma City, OK
System to Sanitize Airport Security Bins
Springfield, OH
System to prevent humanmade debris in the sewer system from entering local waterways.
Gulfport, MS
Device to Automatically Flip Oyster Farm Cages
Lower Brule, SD
System to Provide Community Entertainment at the Outdoor Basketball Court
Middlebury, VT
System to Monitor to Flow Rate of Maple Tree Sap
Boca Raton, FL
Wearable Device to Monitor Physiological Symptoms of Sepsis
Stockbridge, MI
The Emperor Micro-Lander a device to Remotely Monitor Aquatic Life in American Samoa
Williamston, MI
Automated Beach Litter Cleaning Device


El Reno, OK
Wearable Device to Measure Hip-to-Waist Ratio
Casa Grande, AZ
Automated Wildfire Protection System
Davenport, IA
Multi-Stage Water Filtration System
Elizabethtown, KY
Confined Space Personal Monitor
Granada Hills, CA
Electromagnetic Locking Device for Trash Cans
Hamlin, WV
System to Remotely Manage and Monitor High Tunnels
La Crosse, WI
Energy Management System for Prosthetic Limbs
Manasaquan, NJ
Vital Sign Monitoring Device for Firefighters
Marshfield, MA
Bandsaw Safety Device
Salem, OR
Adaptive Cup for People with Dysphagia
Fort Mill, SC
Nutrient Injection System for Hydroponic Gardens
Columbia, SC
Modular Power System for Sare Bilaly, Senegal
Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Device to Assess Sleep Effectiveness
Rio Rancho, NM
Wearable Device to Collect and Transmit Vitals
Canfield, OH
Danger Alert System for Schools


Hartsdale, NY
Device worn by pedestrians to alert drivers of their presence
Battle Creek, MI
Infrared Anomaly Detection System (I.A.D.S)
Bayonne, NJ
System to remotely monitor water quality for the Newark, New Jersey Shipping Channel
Johns Creek, GA
All Terrain Accessibility Transporter
Dayton, OR
System to monitor and automate home chicken coops
Dublin, CA
SpORT; A device enabling handicapped students to participate in the Special Olympics
Houston, TX
Device to prevent biodiesel from gelling at low temperatures
Fairview, PA
System comprised of a stethoscope and self-cleaning carrying case for clinical settings
Frederick, MD
System to remediate well water for Melka Olba School in Ethopia
Pomona, CA
Heart & Sole
Kailua-Kona, HI
Detection and alert system for the blood alcohol content of drivers
Oakland Park, FL
The Mosquito Agitator
Lancaster, CA
System to alert college students of potential dangers in their proximity
Longmont, CO
System to alert first responders of people in distress in areas without cell reception
Appleton, WI
System to process sustainable cooking fuel for the Village of Hope in Zambia


Hamburg, PA
LighTelligence: A lighting system to optimize the circadian rhythms.
Carmel, IN
Detector of seizures and accompanying medicine delivery method
Raleigh, NC
Detector of lameness in dairy cattle
Atlanta, GA
Device to monitor the backseat of a car for child or pet presence
Cypress, TX
Device to clear condensation from a firefighter's helmet.
Pacoima, CA
System to provide temporary shelter for homeless people in LA
Lewisburg, WV
System to transform waste cardboard into a building product
Cleveland, OH
Device to lift a kayak onto a standard car carrier
S. Hamilton, MA
Device to extend gas and brake pedals in standard cars
Poolesville, MD
The Money Sorter
Hope, AR
Device to monitor environmental conditions of poultry houses.
Chattanooga, TN
Detector of bicyclists in protected bike lane configurations
Marion, MA
Device to monitor water quality in Buzzard's Bay
Hobe Sound, FL
Device to monitor audio and video signals in the Indian River Lagoon
Tustin, CA
Device to remove gum from school floors


Cherry Plain, NY
Lever Launch & Retrieve to aid physical therapy
Santa Monica, CA
Attachment for a household water meter providing real-time usage data
Gulfport, MS
Boat boarding lift for mobility impaired individuals
Houston, TX
Autonomous Pothole Remediation Device and Material for Houston Roads
Beverly, MA
Device to replant Massachusetts eelgrass in marine biomes
McMinnville, OR
Raised platform for disaster relief shelters
Norwood, MA
Retractable awning to prevent and clear snow build up for Massachusetts schools
Spokane, WA
Power-generating exhaust system for indoor cooking fires
Stockbridge, MI
Underwater sensing and reporting system of lamprey larvae in the Great Lakes
Los Angeles, CA
Faucet-mounted water meter with adjustable aerator
Alexandria, VA
Precise tourniquet for improving safety during emergency situations
New Paltz, NY
Robotic exoskeleton to aid hand paralysis
Salem, OR
Thermoelectric generator for biomass stove
Williamston, MI
Unlocking device to help children with neurodevelopmental disablities in schools


Semi-Automatic Cleaning Device for NYC Subway Tracks
Sustainable, Low-Cost Fish Food Processing System for New Generations Children’s Home
Metal Detection System for Hospital Textile Cleaning
Coppell, TX
Interactive Training Device to Aid Cognitive and Physical Development in Youth
Vehicular Heatstroke Prevention Bracelet and Alert System
Modular Animal Welfare Containment and Notification System
Device to Aid in the Continuous Water Flow for Firefighters
Autonomous Solar Panel Cleaning Device
Water Sterilization System for High Sunlight Environments
Automatic Oar Feathering Device for Adaptive Rowing
Autonomous Weeding Robot for Small Farms
Passenger-Side Bicyclist Detection System for Cars
Lightweight, Compact Water Filter
Aerial Wilderness Search System
Dubuque, IA
Universally Fitting Anti-Rollback Device for Wheelchairs


Lancaster, CA
School emergency door-locking mechanism
Aquatic vegetation collector
3D glasses washer
Search and rescue UAV
Pedal powered classroom desk generator system
Remote sensing protection for stationary vehicles
Alcohol level detection bracelet
Interactive smartwatch and door system
Indoor GPS-enabled identification device for the visually impaired
Wave powered electric generator
Semi autonomous snow removal device


Wind turbine for traffic airflow capture
Non-electric pressurized cooler
Automated robotic vehicular independence system
Construction layout tool
Life jacket for prolonged search and rescue
Life-saving, drug-tracking system
High efficiency ozone water purification system
Bacteria powered battery
Ice search and rescue remotely-operated vehicle
Pedestrian alert system
Pill dispensing organizational system
Marine mammal rescue transporter


Power generator from electronic waste
Assistive writing and computer pointing devices
Ergonomic rescue system for bariatric patients
Multifunctional medical unit
Ultraviolet water filtration and storage device
Ultraviolet water filtration and storage device
Aquatic thermoelectric generator
Air pollution absorbing paint additive
Water desalination and purification system
Self-balancing recumbent tricycle
Water sanitation station
Solar-powered steam autoclave
Power generator using gray water
Offshore rip current alert system


Alert device for hearing-impaired athletes
Collection and recycling device for vegetable oil at restaurants
Remotely-operated oil removal watercraft
Search and rescue cane with GPS, light source and sound mechanism
Portable hydroelectric supply station
Portable, low-cost, hydroelectric generator for developing countries
Energy-efficient cooling blanket
Sustainable cooking system for developing countries
Lightweight, portable emergency shelter
Solar tracker for a compact, portable, affordable solar charging unit
Durable, efficient wave energy conversion system
Autonomous, solar-powered robot to locate unexploded weaponry
Pressure sensitive grip for writing utensils


Motorized physical therapy chair to reduce muscular atrophy
Standby power usage reduction device
Self-powered, portable UV water filtration device
Wetland assessment system for multi-spectral photography, moisture sensing and data retrieval
Residential green roofing system for sloped surfaces
Ergonomic, interactive student desk
Micro-scale hydroelectric water purifier
Outdoor, self-sustaining, solar powered hydroponic gardening system
Portable watercraft transfer device for disabled users
Comfort control wheelchair seating
Simple, human-powered drill tiller
New effluent removal apparatus for sustainable aquaculture
Temperature sensitive, color changing roof to combat global warming
Air resistance and energy conversion system


Assistive mechanics creeper for car repair
Biofilm membrane for oil remediation
Pressure-sensitive illuminated computer cable
Agricultural lift for people with disabilities
High-performance solar-electric watercraft
Low-cost, durable water filtration system
Ultrasonic sensing cane
Freeze protection system for citrus crops
Cooperative cruise control for hybrid commuter cars
Power-assisted litter device for search and rescue teams
Adaptive, pedal-operated multi-grain thresher
Alternative energy refrigerator for northern climates
The ONE HANDy kitchen workstation
Solar dehydrator and dehumidifier for developing countries


Lancaster, CA
Electric, all-terrain, multi-purpose lifting machine
Portable lock device for the blind
Aquatic, autonomous remote monitoring system to measure ecological variables
Driver alert device for safer urban bicycling
Weight-stabilizing compact stretcher
Aerial, wind-sensing device that determines optimal locations for wind turbines
Automated floor mop and dryer
Adaptive communication device for people with cerebral palsy
Human-powered irrigation pump for Sub-Saharan Africa
Pneumatic, auto-deployment system for emergency position-indicating radio beacons on fishing vessels
Plant and flower success indicator to measure garden conditions
Automatic smoothie machine that integrates Web 2.0 technology
Fish “escalator” to ferry salmon over manmade dams and into their spawning grounds


Reusable fire-fighting grenade
Wheelchair Curb-conquer
Portable, inexpensive device to predict high-probability conditions for lightning strikes
Regenerative Braking System for Recharging Batteries in Consumer Electronics Devices
Dozing-driver Waking Device
Sleep cycle sensitive alarm clock
Portable, Solar-charged Traffic Signal
Drip-irrigation System to Water Household Plants
Self-installed Automotive Heads-up Display
Underground Location and Communication Device for Caving Groups and Rescue Teams
Extended-use Dry-erase Marker
Solar-powered Biodiesel Processor
Wheelchair Tip Alarm
Portable, Lightweight Solar Stirling Generator to Provide Electricity to Remote Villages
Head-mounted Remote Control for Quadriplegics
Pocket-sized Arsenic Filter to Purify Drinking Water
Surveyor of Solar Energy Potential
Filing Cabinet for People with Arthritis
Sensing cane for the visually impaired
Tactile Graphing Calculator for the Blind


Wristband Health Monitor
Continuous Positive Airway Pressure Alert
Portable Hydraulic Press
Smokeless Field Burner
Portable Water Treatment
Reuseable Enzymatic Biodiesel Unit (REBU)
Vision Augmentation
Sensor for the Elderly
Hybrid Electrical Power Generator
Omni-Directional Wheelchair


Automatic Pill Dispenser
Remotely Operated Vehicle for Education and Research
Storm Drain Intake
Kinetic fuel cell to increase the efficiency of batteries
A robotic tennis ball retriever
Electrostatic air filtration
Archimedes Screw Pump
A portable, wearable fire alarm system
An autonomous robot to stripe new athletic fields
Motorized load carrier
Convert chemical energy into electrical and mechanical energy
Portable watermelon thumper


Device that detects potholes
Pedestrian alert system
Remote-controlled helicopter
A device to measure and report the chemical levels in a body of water
A glove to translate Braille into speech
A state-of-the-art baggage set for travelers
Mandy Automated Innovative Labeler
Solar powered water-testing device


An underground, energy-efficient heating system
Inexpensive solar-powered house lamp