Coppell High School InvenTeam

Coppell, TX
Interactive Training Device to Aid Cognitive and Physical Development in Youth
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The Coppell High School InvenTeam invented Gateways, an interactive training device to aid in the cognitive and physical development of the students of the Coppell High School Special Education Department. Special educators can individualize and input lessons on a computer and start a learning session for the student. The student’s physical responses are recorded during the lessons (e.g.: face and hand gestures, direction of visual gaze, physical screen touch), and Gateways summarizes the data. The system consists of one teacher computer, one (3)-axis adjustable touch screen monitor with a camera for motion tracking, proprietary learning
software, database management and reporting system. Gateways is unique in the $13B education technology market because there is no product that offers this level of detailed data to teachers.

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April 3, 2015

Since finishing Gateways V3, we showcased it along with V2, at a mid-year review for the Engineering Booster Club. After showcasing there, we made improvements and took V3 to Austin to speak at South by Southwest Education.
With the feedback we received from SXSWedu, we have now started Gateways V3.2, which is set to be complete by April 15.
Additionally our communications team is still looking for sponsors and donations. 

January 21, 2015

Since our demonstration in December with Ms. Higgins, our team has made tremendous progress on the completion of Gateways 2.1. After it's official completion and demonstration on January 16th, we have begun brainstorming for Gateways' 3rd prototype.

This prototype will include all new hardware to increase further stability, a cleaner teacher interface, and more complex data collection from Gateways' camera.

Additionally our communications team has continued their endless search for sponsors and donations.

January 21, 2015

We took a trip down to the Coppell High School Special Education Classroom and had the students test Gateways. We revieved oustanding feedback and will take everything into consideration while version 2.1 of Gateways is being constructed. We have new goals to accomplish to get Gateways working to the best of its abilities. With all the progress we have made so far, Gateways 2.1 is on the right track.

November 10, 2014

We had an exciting day at our seventh annual STEM Expo at Coppell High School. The turnout was great! Many people really liked the first mock-up of Gateways. We got a lot of great feedback and ideas for our second mock-up. The night started strong, and ended the same, with many people being impressed by our invention.

October 28, 2014

This month has been a very exciting month for the team. We were all very excited when we heard that we got the grant. All that hard work over the summer paid off. We are currently working on our first mock-up of our invention. So far, it has been a very tedious process. Team members are trying to get the Xbox Kinect working properly. We have a firm deadline of November 2, 2014 for the Coppell High School Engineering Expo.