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San Diego, CA
Modular Animal Welfare Containment and Notification System
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The Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs High Tech High InvenTeam invented an electric fence system that can detect breakage and remotely notify the owner of the problem. Whenever a break or failure in the electric fence system is detected, the owner will receive a text notification to their mobile device detailing the failure and its specific location. Precise detection can reduce the time to repair the fence and recover loss of livestock. Owners can install modules at an increment of their choosing thus making the resolution of the failure analysis completely customizable. The system works well with fence energizers up to 20,000 volts with pulse-widths as small as 3 microseconds. Existing fence system can be retrofitted. The main system costs approximately $120 and each module costs approximately $9.

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June 8, 2015

Getting Ready for EurekaFest - Fence Simulator

May 11, 2015

Z Magazine

April 27, 2015

Technical Update

April 14, 2015

IEEE Visit (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

March 23, 2015

On Our Way to ORS - One Resonance Sensors

March 16, 2015

On the News!

On March 9th, 2015, CBS 8 News contacted Scott Swaaley in response to the Current Invents press release; written by the Communications team.

Here is a link to the news broadcast:

March 16, 2015

(Written Monday, February 23rd)

Mid-Year Grant Technical Review

The team is getting ready for the mid-year grant review tomorrow. They are making the last changes to the presentation, having another rehearsal, printing the programs, polishing the shock box, consulting and getting advice from their InvenTeams representative Don Domes. The entire team is excited.

February 12, 2015

February 9, 2015


January 18, 2015

(Written January 4th, 2015)

At the beginning of December we posted our first update video on YouTube that showed the team interaction and how we work together. 

January 18, 2015

(Written January 15th, 2015)

January 18, 2015

(Written December 4th, 2014)

January 18, 2015

(Written November 17th, 2014)

January 18, 2015

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