Broken Arrow Senior High School InvenTeam

Broken Arrow, OK
Sustainable, Low-Cost Fish Food Processing System for New Generations Children’s Home

The Broken Arrow Senior High School InvenTeam invented a process to produce low-cost, sustainable fish food utilizing materials indigenous to Mukothima, Kenya. This process consists of growing, harvesting, dehydrating, grinding, and mixing the ingredients to produce fish food pellets. The pellets produced from this process will be fed to tilapia fish, a source of protein for the 40 children who are residents at New Generations Children’s Home in Mukothima. The process’ use of algae, mealworms, banana leaves, and other native ingredients provides a solution 93% less costly than commercial fish food available from China. The locally produced source also reduces overall energy consumption by eliminating the need to transport fish food from China.

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June 12, 2015

Progress Report

Second semester saw months of testing our system. EurekaFest is next week, and though our project is not perfect, we are nevertheless excited to present what we have produced in a year's worth of tireless efforts.

Progress during the last (few) month(s)

January 12, 2015

Project Description

November 14, 2014

Project Description

This month, we focused on the paddle for the algae harvester, the method of carbon dioxide production for the algae, and the agitator (shaking device) for the mealworm harvester. The paddle will be used to maintain a constant water flow in the algae tank so that the algae will not settle to the bottom and thus reduce growth rate. Carbon dioxide will maximize the algal bloom. The agitating device will be used to help sift mealworm eggs through a wire mesh to separate them from the beetles.

October 20, 2014

Our team consists of the following members and roles, Tram is the Administrative Lead and will be sending out news and updates to all members. Kelly and Libby will both be taking on the Communications role and will be in charge of all our media and social networks. Karina will be the Technical Lead; and Jacob and Jon will both be managing the Financial role with the help of our sponsor, Mrs. Jill Taylor.