West Valley High School InvenTeam

Spokane, WA
Fish “escalator” to ferry salmon over manmade dams and into their spawning grounds

• Dubbed the Archimedes Project, the invention was named for the Archimedes irrigation screw that the InvenTeam adapted to help adult salmon navigate over the dams.
• The invention uses an auger to create a controlled current that takes fish over the dam without any physical exertions.
• The finished design will have a 10-foot diameter, stainless-steel tube, and it will generate its power from the excess electricity produced by hydroelectric dams.
• The InvenTeams hopes to install its invention in the Columbus and Snake River basins in Washington.
• “The greatest part of the Lemelson[-MIT InvenTeams] grant is to have an idea where you have the freedom to explore it and also to see your idea come to life,” Matt Trembly (SP), InvenTeams student.