Brillion High School InvenTeam

Brillion , WI
Electric, all-terrain, multi-purpose lifting machine

Dubbed the E-Z Lift, the invention was developed after the students took several tours of local manufactory plants, including <Ariens Corporation>, as part of a class trip.
According to the InvenTeam student presenter, “One million cases of back injuries are reported each year due to heavy lifting on the job.”
Designed to aid manufactory workers, the E-Z Lift can transport crates that are too heavy to physically lift and that are not heavy enough to efficiently move by forklift.
The device is equipped with a 3000-pound capacity winch, a steel body, and a lifting bucket that is designed to stay level when in motion.
Ariens Corporation provided mentor support to the InvenTeam and funded a  $1.5 million technology center at the school.
“I learned that going from a piece of paper to this is awesome,” said Tony Ott, InvenTeams student.