Greenbrier East High School InvenTeam

Lewisburg, WV
System to transform waste cardboard into a building product

The Greenbrier East High School InvenTeam invented the Greenbrick™ to reduce the volume of waste cardboard in landfills by producing a building material from the waste. The pressed cardboard Greenbrick is fire retardant, water proof, and cost efficient. The Greenbrick takes approximately two minutes per brick to mold using a human-powered press and dries in 24 hours. Each brick consists of approximately 335 kg of shredded corrugated cardboard. Greenbrick can be used to replace standard bricks or deployed as a system to create temporary buildings after a natural disaster.


May 24, 2017

     In the time leading up to EurekaFest, the Greenbrier East InvenTeam has been very busy. We have had visits from local engineers and chemists and we have also visited a local engineering company, ABB™, to practice our presentation. As our preparations for June are coming together we seem to be solving most of the issues we had found with our invention back at the Mid-Grant review. While our product has not been perfected to our liking, we are proud of our work and will continue to improve it. 

January 17, 2017

       When Tony visited us this December we were kind of apprehensive. We were thinking that we were progressing too slowly. However when he arrived we realized that many other teams were facing the same sort of struggles that our team was. We discussed the issues that our invention was facing, including weatherproofing and real applications in a housing market.

November 28, 2016

The home of the Greenbrier East High School Inventeam is Fairlea, West Virginia. However due to the spread out nature of our region we all live in different towns.  Greenbrier East High School was founded in 1968 and is a public school aiding in the education of students grade nine through twelve. Our Inventeam is composed of students in grades ten through twelve.