The Pine School InvenTeam

Hobe Sound, FL
Device to monitor audio and video signals in the Indian River Lagoon

The Pine School InvenTeam invented an audio and video monitoring device installed near a water-quality monitor in a brackish part of the Indian River Lagoon. This invention will provide scientists and the public with valuable data about the lagoon’s health. The device consists of a hydrophone and camera that are enclosed in a waterproof housing and can be lowered 5 - 7 ft.  The device takes motion-activated pictures and the hydrophone records audio every 60 seconds for 10 seconds. It is controlled by a Raspberry Pi and data are streamed to a land-based server located within 2,000 feet of the transmitter-receiver system and uploaded to a website. The device can be remotely controlled and operated off of a 12 V marine battery which is recharged via a connected solar panel.


July 22, 2017

After a year of hard work, we finally did it: presented at EurekaFest2017, Lemelson-MIT’s showcase at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA. Showcasing our invention and collaborating with the other grant recipients from around the country was invigorating, and seeing others intrigued by our creation, well, it was eye opening. From the presentation itself, to the things we learned while attending Eurekafest, the whole experience showed us that we truly can do anything we set our minds to.

May 18, 2017

On May 12, our team set out on Mr. McLane's boat for Manatee Pocket in order to recover Jack & Rose from the water. We removed the essential parts of Jack & Rose, except for the strut, which is the railing attached to the piling. Team members reported that the device reeked of river water and was mainly covered in algae and barnacle bio-fouling. After carefully removing the device from the water, the team brought Jack & Rose on shore in order to clean it and prepare it for transport back to our school. Since then, we have been preparing our EurekaFest display configuration of Jack & Rose.

April 4, 2017

Our team jumped right back into working after spring break, as a few members of the technical team embarked on their second site visit to collect some finalizing data. While there, we measured the distance between existing ORCA structures and mounting equipment, and also planned the direction for our solar panel. With the acquisition of this data, we thought of a couple more points to consider when planning the final installation of our device.

February 23, 2017

Our Mid-Grant Technical Review was a success! Members of the MIT Club of the Palm Beaches and Dr. Edie Widder, co-founder of ORCA, attended. They offered very constructive and helpful advice on ways to further improve our invention. The review was most important to us in that it was a glimpse into what our showcase at EurekaFest in June will be like, which, unlike our Mid-Grant Review, will be on a much grander scale.

January 31, 2017

Last week, we reached a big milestone. We now know that our transmitter and receiver system works!  By connecting to our school network at one end, and connecting that to the wires of the receiver antenna, we were able to send a signal from our classroom to the transmitter antenna located in our school gate house, almost one-third of a mile away.

January 20, 2017

Last weekend at the Pine School's annual Car Show, our InvenTeam was set up and ready to advertise ourselves. We had a table with a posterboard, brochures, business cards, and letterheads. Our display proved to be a success, despite how windy it was outside. Many came to our table, interested in what we had to say. Since this water issue is affecting the whole community, it hit home with many. We are hoping to gain a wider audience and share our project with those around us. 

January 19, 2017

Things are getting serious. This week we had two weekly meetings instead of one, and made great strides towards finalizing the programs that connect the Raspberry Pi, the hydrophone, and the camera. Once we accomplished how to record audio with our existing appliances, we purchased a quality hydrophone and are now incorporating it into our plans.

December 6, 2016

November 17, 2016
On Friday, November the 4th, we took advisor Nathaniel Osborn’s sailboat out onto the waters of the Indian River Lagoon to get our first official look at the Kilroy, which we will be working with over the duration of our project.

Our team’s advisors: Karlheinz Haas (left) and Nathaniel Osborn (right).