CATALYST at the Science House InvenTeam

Raleigh, NC
Detector of lameness in dairy cattle

The Catalyst at the Science House InvenTeam invented a device to detect lameness in dairy cattle – an indicator of overall bovine health. The device consists of four stainless steel scales for each of the cow’s legs to stand on. The weight for each hoof is averaged over 20 seconds. Any time the weight to one hoof varies more than 100 pounds from the other hooves, an alert is sent to the farmer indicating the cow requires veterinary inspection. The device case is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance by farmers.


May 9, 2017

We have had an exciting month so far! Governor Cooper came to visit us to see our invention at Science House. It was an honor to meet him. We talked to him about our invention and the invention process. We also told him about the Lemelson- MIT Competition and InvenTeams in USA. He was proud we were selected one of the top 15 teams in USA! He learned about why we wanted to make a mat that screens for lameness in cows and help the farmers too. 

April 10, 2017

This month has been a busy one! We are trying to do lots of outreach to let the public know about our InvenTeam and Program. We have visited many companies and non profit agencies. We also participated in the SCITECH Expo at the North Carolina Natural Science Museum.

March 5, 2017

This has been a very exciting month for us! First we were featured on North Carolina State University Webpage! This article and video has given us more community support and awareness of our work! We really appreciate the support that the staff and students  at North Carolina State University give us during the invention process. You can see the article, "Learners and Leaders" by Alaastair Hadden, and video at:

January 29, 2017

January has been an exciting and busy time for us! We were able to meet Temple Grandin one of our heroes! She was at a lecture sponsored by the North Carolina State University Student Chapter of American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior. We were invited, sat right up front, and were able to talk with her too because she wanted to meet us and the North Carolina State University Veterinary School supports us too!

December 17, 2016

Catalyst InvenTeam is based at the Science House on North Carolina State University’s campus in Raleigh. Science House is a nonprofit which promotes STEM education throughout the state. Catalyst was founded in 2015 and funded through a grant from the Biogen Foundation. Our program currently has 22 high school students with disabilities from 20 high schools from across North Carolina. It is a week long summer program and with additional Saturday sessions during the school year. Twelve students from Catalyst chose to participate in the Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam competition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston. We were very happy to have won this very competitive competition.