Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences InvenTeam

Santa Monica, CA
Attachment for a household water meter providing real-time usage data

The Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences InvenTeam invented a product to assist homeowners and water departments in measuring domestic water usage. This monitoring device for household water meters provides real-time water usage tracking through a mobile application. It increases consumers’ awareness of water usage and may detect leaks, which account for over 10% of water usage in an average California household. Real-time access to water usage data allows for an active approach in monitoring and lowering water consumption. The device relies on a microcontroller-linked camera that sends images to a server for analysis, generating numeric data from captured image files. Images are converted into easily-understood displays via an application accessible on any smartphone, tablet, or mobile device. The application also offers a digital badge reward system to encourage lower water consumption.


April 30, 2016

Most recent developments have been related to formatting so that the app will be compatible with Android devices of all sizes (buttons align relative to the center, etc.).

February 29, 2016

Our Mid-Grant Technical Review on February 11th was rather successful!

January 31, 2016

This month, we have, I dare say, finished the server side processing code *knocks on wood* The image processing/OCR application we made is now integrated into the server.

December 18, 2015