STEM School Chattanooga InvenTeam

The STEM School Chattanooga InvenTeam invented a system to detect bicyclists in protected bike lanes and signal drivers of their presence. The flush-mounted ultrasonic detectors are mounted to curbs. The detectors triggers an overhead signal located near the standard traffic lights to warn drivers of a bicycle in their blind spot. Bicyclist count, direction of travel, and speed data are sent to the city of Chattanooga to understand traffic patterns, triangulate their data with existing 360-degree video, and improve safety for bicyclists and drivers.

Pingree School InvenTeam

The Pingree School InvenTeam invented an after-market gas and brake pedal extender for most passenger cars. This invention allows people with dwarfism to quickly adapt standard vehicles to their short stature and needs. The extender can be installed or removed in under 10 seconds. The device can extend the pedals up to 10 inches and can be powered through a standard 12 V car outlet.

Charles R. Drew Charter Senior Academy InvenTeam

The Charles R. Drew Senior Charter Academy InvenTeam invented a child and pet detection and alert system for cars. The system detects if a child or pet is inside a car using infrared sensors. Upon detection, an alert SMS text message is sent to the driver’s cell phone.  If the temperature inside the car reaches 95F, a voice alarm for individuals in the vicinity is activated. Finally, if the temperature inside the vehicle reaches 100F, a GPS location of the vehicle is sent to emergency management notifying them of the emergency.

Hillsboro High School InvenTeam

  • Heads-up display systems were originally developed for military applications in jets and helicopters, and later for use in high-end cars.
  • The InvenTeam's technology, dubbed the Shuddle, can be added to most cars made after 1996, which makes it accessible to a mass market.
  • It has the ability to project information on the windshield, including speed, RPM, and fuel levels.
  • The InvenTeam received a 2009 Continuation Grant.

George T. Baker Aviation School InvenTeam

  • In Miami, tropical storms and hurricanes often cause communities to lose electrical power for long periods of time, setting off accidents and causing unsafe roads.
  • The objective of the InvenTeam's device is to maintain traffic flow, thus allowing police officers to concentrate on other pressing issues instead of directing traffic.
  • The device is eight feet long when unfolded, weighs 60 pounds, and operates for three days per the battery's lifespan.
  • BP solar and R4 Systems provided supplies to the InvenTeam.


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