Raymond Damadian

Raymond Damadian's intense curiosity and passion for science led him to develop the first MR (Magnetic Resonance) Scanning Machine—one of the most useful diagnostic tools of our time. MR scanners use radio signals emitted from the body's cells to enable a non-invasive mapping of the human body in meticulous detail. For his pioneering work in magnetic resonance scanning technology, Raymond Damadian was awarded the Lemelson-MIT Program's Lifetime Achievement Award in 2001.

Sidney Pestka

Dr. Sidney Pestka is known as the "father of interferon" for his groundbreaking work developing antiviral treatments for chronic hepatitis B and C, multiple sclerosis and cancers. For his tremendous contributions to the biotechnology, chromatography and pharmaceutical industries, and for improving the health of those suffering many serious diseases, he has been named the 2006 winner of the $100,000 Lemelson-MIT Lifetime Achievement Award.

Ardsley High School InvenTeam

• The Americans with Disabilities Act requires all curbs to have curb cut outs; however, many don’t.
• A team member was inspired to create this invention by his sister who uses a wheelchair.
• The Wheelchair Curb-conquer can be attached to any manual wheelchair, making it a low-cost addition rather than an expensive custom design


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