Los Alamitos High School InvenTeam

The Los Alamitos High School InvenTeam invented a water purification system for locations that lack easy access to clean water. A corona discharge element produces a high output of ozone that can disinfect 95% of all biological and viral pathogens. The device is designed to purify water at a rate of 50-100 L per hr, enough to support 50 people per day. It runs primarily off a 100 W solar panel and is completely energy independent. Coconut shell charcoal based filters and .1 micron ceramic filters enable the system to remove 90% or more bacteria and mineral contaminants.

ACTS Home Education Cooperative InvenTeam

The ACTS Home Education Cooperative InvenTeam invented a vertical axis shear wind turbine to capture energy from traffic airflow to produce renewable energy for municipalities. The design considers line-of-sight and safety in choice of size and materials. A small, low profile design keeps the target price for the end user at $50 per turbine, independent of motor and energy storage costs. Electricity cost savings is estimated at $40 per turbine per year using a minimum target production of 50 watts. The alpha prototype cost $6,000 to fabricate.


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