Zack Dowell

Invention Education Fellow

A lifelong tinkerer and maker, Zack joined the Folsom Lake College faculty in 2001 as the college’s Instructional Design and Development Coordinator. In that role, he coordinates the efforts of the college’s Innovation Center, a discipline-agnostic, general education innovation hub and makerspace. In partnership with students, faculty, community organizations, and PreK-12 educators, the Innovation Center provides training, resources, and energy to support innovative approaches to teaching and learning. Through the Center’s Making Across the Curriculum efforts, educators from a variety of disciplines have integrated the ethos, tools, and techniques of making into their practice, leading to the development of unique curriculum, class activities, and interdisciplinary projects. For more information, visit


2022-2023 InvenTeam

This year Zack is working with the iPrep Magnet High InvenTeam as an InvenTeam Fellow.

Read more about what the iPrep Magnet High InvenTeam seeks to complete this year on their page!