Pascha Griffiths

Invention Education Administrator, MA

Pascha Griffiths is an Invention Education Administrator who launches new invention education programs and collaborates with educators to provide all aspects of invention education, including professional development workshops for education professionals, curricular programming, and imagination-rich hands-on problem-solving experiences for learners of all ages.  She promotes the IvE pedagogy at both the state and national level via professional development for educators and educational programs for preK-12 students, including Invention Adventures and the Massachusetts Invention Convention.  She Launched our inaugural Massachusetts Invention Convention and continues to nurture its growth and initiated our Invention Adventures After School Program in the Greater Boston Area.   She was instrumental in creating online IvE programming when we made the shift to remote learning during the first stages of the pandemic. 

Pascha has more than 20 years of experience in the education sector. Before joining LMIT in 2019, she researched the factors and conditions which go into the lives of young people who grow up to become ecological innovators. This doctoral research led her to the LMIT’s summer professional development workshop where she was exhilarated to see her findings validated and learn of all the ways LMIT was actively providing opportunities for students to engage with real-life, self-directed problem-solving; essentially become real inventors.  

Notably great with students, Pascha taught a variety of subjects in public school, private school, university, summer camp, and in community settings. She has worked with a full range of students from nursery school all the way through adult learners and loves bringing out the best in what they can do. She enjoys working with all age-groups because there’s so much fun in adapting the pedagogy to fit the learner. Since 2013, Pascha coached pre-service science teachers as a Program Supervisor primarily through Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, but also through Lesley University’s Teacher Education Program, and The College of the Atlantic’s Teacher Certification Program.  

A big believer in equipping children to confidently and competently solve the problems they face, she wholeheartedly supports the mission of getting kids on the pathway to invention and making it fun so they remain interested and bring their friends along for the exciting, life-improving Invention Adventures! 



B.A. Psychobiology, Education -  Mount Holyoke College 

Ph.D. Educational Leadership - Lesley University 

M.S. Communications: Focus on Children’s Television Production - Boston University 

Ed.M. Special Studies - Harvard Graduate School of Education 



If you could invent anything, what would it be?

If Pascha could invent anything at all, she’d invent a climate change reverser