Idalia Cuevas

Finance & Grants Administrator

Idalia arrived at the Lemelson Program with eight years of financial management experience in Federal Grants administration, managing both the multi-faceted and complex, pre and post awards submission process, including overview during an active award period. She held prior Grant Administrator roles at the Sea Grant College Program and Materials Research Laboratory, both departments within MIT.

Idalia was first drawn to the Lemelson Program’s mission of preparing the next generation of inventors and entrepreneurs, by introducing STEM via Invention Education to underrepresented minority students within Cambridge and surrounding areas. A lifelong Cambridge Resident, Idalia grew up in the Area 4 neighborhood, or as lifelong residents call it “The Port,” she too was one of those underrepresented minority students. Working at the Lemelson Program allows Idalia to combine her experience in finance and grants management, with the love and passion she has for her community. She’s excited about witnessing young inventors tapping into their creativity to solve problems, and in the process creating opportunities for themselves, their families, and communities.

When not managing grants, Idalia enjoys spending time with her “framily” a term she’s coined combining the words friends and family, in addition to traveling and adding stamps to her passport. During the past year, she has taken up practicing Yoga daily, and takes great pride in the improvements made, while overcoming some of the physical and mental challenges involved.



BSMS, Cambridge College


If I could invent anything, what would it be?

Attachable wings for the ability to fly.