Don Domes

Invention Education Fellow Emeritus

Hillsboro High School InvenTeam (2007)
Hillsboro, Oregon

Don Domes, now retired from Hillsboro High School, spent over 37 years teaching a variety of technology courses including engineering graphics, robotics, electronics, and architecture. He hosts a girl’s summer program called Girls Get IT! The summer program was spearheaded by one of his students and is taught by high school girls. Forty girls attend each of the two week-long tech camps.

Don continues to work tirelessly on legislative issues surrounding technical education in Oregon, like Oregon House Bill 3511, introduced on April 15, 2015. The bill was enacted by the people of the state of Oregon to establish a revitalization grant program within the Department of Education for computer science, invention, technology, and engineering education. In addition to InvenTeams, Don has also served as a Master Teacher for JV InvenTeams, assisting with professional development and special programs in his home state.

Serving as a LMIT Master Teacher is one of Don's favorite jobs as he sees the InvenTeam initiative as the premier opportunity for a high school teacher interested in integrating STEM through problem-based learning.