Constance Gist is Communications Manager and leads effective communications and strategic marketing campaigns for LMIT.  She has an intrapreneurial spirit transcending all LMIT departments and out to MIT and the community at large as she works to ensure we remain on task to fulfill our mission: to bring invention education opportunities to all students, while prioritizing work with young women and Black, indigenous populations, Latinx and other people of color.  As a 6th generation American, she values the power of education and upholds LMIT’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as it aims to remedy historic inequities among those who develop inventions, protect their intellectual property and commercialize their creations.  

 Constance is a global nomad who experienced many educational systems while living in 7 different countries.  This exposure heightened her understanding in pedogeological differences, helping her understand how to blend teaching to enhance the learning experience.  An OG computer scientist who embraced marketing, she was instrumental in building programs and networks in both Fortune 100 organizations, privately owned IT companies, and now the nonprofit sector. Systems analysis, campaign design, and multicultural organizational management all lend themselves to designing initiatives which support IvE.  Always interweaving the power of education into her work, she is passionate about changing how our students access knowledge and knows IvE is a gateway to developing lifelong learners.  

Constance recently completed a new round of education studies which culminated in a capstone project which explored the creation of economic equity through CRT.  She acknowledges the importance of creating economic parity, through means such as patents, which IvE supports, is key to developing generations of real inventors who are able to identify problems in their communities and create real solutions! 



BSc, Computer Science, NYIT 

MBA, Marketing & Management, Columbia University  

Ed.M., Educational Policy & Management, Harvard Graduate School of Education 


If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Solar powered snow melting system for her Boston driveway