Clara Mabour

Invention Education Administrator, InvenTeams

Clara Mabour is an Invention Education Administrator for the Lemelson-MIT Program. In this role she manages the InvenTeams® program, coordinates trainings, organizes resources, and provides direct assistance to InvenTeam teachers and students as they go through the invention process in preparation for Lemelson-MIT’s EurekaFest.  

A big believer in everyone’s ability to solve problems in their homes, communities, and around the world through resourcefulness, creativity, and inventiveness, she wholeheartedly supports Invention Education as a vital and necessary style of pedagogy needed in efforts to modernize and make relevant traditional educational systems.    

Born in Haiti and raised in urban South Florida, she was an InvenTeam student as a senior in High School, then an InvenTeam teacher in 2017.  Their invention went on to receive a US Patent.  She understands the invaluable experiences that invention education can provide young students interested in STEM and the confidence it gives individuals in their ability to make positive and impactful contributions to our society. An avid maker in her spare time, the core of her life passions lies in creative use of ordinary or underutilized materials to make art or solve problems. 



Bachelor of Arts, Environmental Science, University of Florida, Gainesville


If you could invent anything, what would it be?

Clara would like to invent a self-cleaning hairbrush