January 2, 2019

Since our inception as a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam in October 2018, we have been hard at work prototyping our new product. Our hardware and testing teams have been working together to develop several of the sensors and components of the device. The mobile app team has been developing the app and database.

The testing team has created a model to simulate a living human body. It contains several sensors and outputs to imitate human processes.

In addition to an array of sensors, the hardware team has prototyped an earpiece to measure the user's sleep data.

Together, the hardware and testing teams have connected the human model to the device to test it for effectiveness and accuracy of measurements.

The mobile app team has developed multiple games to measure variables of interest, which are then compiled to a database to analyze the user's sleep quality and mental status.

To see what we've been up to, check out our winter recap video below! To see what's next for Rolling Robots InvenTeam, come to our Mid-Grant Technical Review on February 24 from 11-4!