February 6, 2019

Even though school was on winter break, the Granada Hills Charter High School InvenTeam wasn’t! Our team came in to practice and learned a new skill- Arduinos!

Arduino is a hardware and software company that allows others to redistribute and modify their products. An Arduino Uno is a microcontroller board. The Arduino Uno has both digital and analog inputs/outputs that allow the user to expand the board and code it to do various actions.

Our team used the Arduino Uno to program an accelerometer/gyroscope do various activities under certain constraints. An accelerometer can measure the rate of acceleration of the object attached. A gyroscope can measure what axis the object attached is in. The team used this to help in constructing their working prototype of the electromagnet that aims to keep the lid onto the trash bin itself. A victory in the progress of the Tech Team!

Another team that achieved some victories was the Sustainability Team- Courtney Banzon and Sacha Escudier. Both Courtney and Sacha began and got their SolidWorks certifications! A big congratulations to them both!

Tech Lead Kyle congratulating Sacha on his accomplishment.