November 28, 2016

The home of the Greenbrier East High School Inventeam is Fairlea, West Virginia. However due to the spread out nature of our region we all live in different towns.  Greenbrier East High School was founded in 1968 and is a public school aiding in the education of students grade nine through twelve. Our Inventeam is composed of students in grades ten through twelve.
        Our mascot is the Spartan and our school colors are green and gold. Most of our parents attended Greenbrier East and our community shares a great pride in it. The same goes with our engineering department. Our community shows immense support for the projects we set out to tackle and their support is important to our program. We feel that the community surrounding GEHS is one of support and closeness. While we set out to begin our project, we know that Greenbrier East will stand proudly behind us and our community will share our pride.