March 11, 2017

This past Wednesday Mr. Ford Roosevelt, the President of Project GRAD, came to visit our DIY Girls InvenTeam to see how the prototype was coming along. We had such an amazing time with Mr. Roosevelt and were even more excited to hear that some of his friends attended our Mid- Year Technical Review.
Mr. Roosevelt is the President and CEO of Project Grad Los Angeles, an organization that  has been working to raise the college graduation rate in a high-need region of the county by helping students and families navigate the path to and through college ( He came to encourage us to aim high and never lose sight of our goal. During our talk, we spoke about our prototype and what we want to include for the next prototype. We also discussed what colleges the senior girls had applied to and what colleges the junior girls would like to apply to.

It was truly an amazing experience to speak with Mr. Roosevelt and it was even more exciting to hear that he supported our cause. We hope to see Mr. Roosevelt and his friends soon!