June 27, 2019

Innovator's mindset! Inventive thinking! Iterative design! Engineering Design Process! Exponential Growth! Life changing!

We knew we were starting an amazing journey in the Fall of 2018 when we received word  that Marshfield High School had been selected as a Lemelson-MIT InvenTeam but nothing could have prepared us for the incredible experience of EurekaFest 2019! The energy on the campus of MIT in Cambridge, Massachusetts was infectious and it made us feel that anything was possible. 

We loved interacting with other InvenTeams, exchanging ideas and stories. We were excited by the challenges that came our way, right down to the last second when our media screen broke and we had to jury rig a borrowed screen for our showcase presentation. We discovered how to problem solve on the fly when our device stopped working and our tech team had to make modifications while laying down sideways in the back of a van! We learned to persevere during our design challenge when we had to find solutions with new people and new ideas. We grew as a Team, understanding the importance of supporting one another through highs, lows, and very little sleep! We now know that failures are just bumps in the road that get us closer to success. We know that we are inventors!

The Marshfield High School InvenTeam would like to thank the Lemelson-MIT Foundation, Tony Perry, Dr. Leigh Estabrooks, and the entire EurekaFest staff for giving us this incredible opportunity.