December 24, 2015

The winter break has already started. We plan to use this time to make several important tests that will affect decisions on the direction we want to head off to.
1. Keep in contact with Trinity College’s research team and use the prototypes they sent to develop our own product.
2. The stove team will decide specific clients we are aiming the product towards and research the cultural customs we need to be aware of when designing the product.
3. The electrical team will further research the specific clients and the type of device they need to charge. This will help the team to decide what the output of our product needs to be.
4. The electrical team will work together with the stove team to understand the makeup of the stove and the temperature they can get to. Using these information, the electrical team will decide on which TEG to use and how many TEGs to use.
5. The cooling team will compare the effects of Geo-cooling, Water-cooling, and Air-cooling. Looking into major points: cooling efficiency, accessibility in the area of use, cost, mobility, and etc. They will decide which cooling system will benefit the clients the most.
6. After these tests/decisions we should have a clear image of what we need to build. Our CAD artist will help us put the three sections together and create the blueprint of our final product.
Hope everyone have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Good luck Inventing!!