February 16, 2015

During the past few weeks, Team B has worked on the communication between two Arduino microcontrollers. They have succesfully built a receiver-transmitter system. The receiver is accurately and consistently receiving signals from the transmitter. They have also integrated a camera with the system; the camera takes a picture upon receipt of a signal. The receiver will be placed on the drone, while the transmitter will be on the beacon.

After making minor adjustments to the calibration of the drone, performing many test flights, and working with telemetry radios for communication, the drone was ready for autonomous flight. Using the Droidplanner application on a smartphone, team A created the flight path by placing waypoints at certain locations and customizing the drone's actions at the waypoints (ex. Takeoff, land, turn, etc.) Now team A is working on creating flight paths using a laptop instead of the smartphone and looks forward to establishing communication between the drone and the base station.