April 7, 2018

This past week, 7 of our students from Kealakehe High attended the Hawai’i States Science and Engineering Fair (HSSEF) to display our work on our InvenTeam project. As MIT does not authorize human testing, we used Science Fair as a way to get test blood alcohol concentration level (BAC) on people.

A recap of the three projects involved with the InvenTeam goal to create a detection and alert system for the blood alcohol content of drivers.

Sarah Choi and Joyce Rosabia’s Science Project: A comparative analysis of the accuracy and time efficiency of NIR sensors when determining the blood alcohol content (BAC) versus breathalyzers.

Nathan Weir, Alex Scott, and Brock Taylor’s Engineering Project: The implementation of a  micro level spectrometer in Automobiles to detect blood alcohol content.

Jun Hyung Lee and Evan Richards Engineering Project: Developing an algorithm which will utilize a symmetric encryption, in order to secure information which will be sent from the breathalyzer to a user’s phone.

With this, they received the following rewards:

NSA 3rd Place Research Award (Jun Lee, Evan Richards)
US Army Certificate of Achievement (Nate Weir, Brock Taylor, Alex Scott)
3rd Place HS Biomedical Engineering (Nate Weir, Brock Taylor, Alex Scott)

A big Mahalo to family, friends, community members, and MIT for making this happen!