May 31, 2019

Hello all!

After months of hard work, the grant cycle is finally coming to a close. The team has submitted its final Report and Powerpoint for EurekaFest, and we are ironing out the kinks in our presentation to the Program and our fellow teams. In terms of a final update on the SNAS, we are thrilled to announce that we have began to see small peppers, tomatoes, and cucumbers on the plants at our farm at Give Hope Global! It is wonderful to watch the SNAS successfully grow vegetables in an uncontrolled environment. Unfortunately, the month has not been without its struggles. The power the SNAS receives in the shed it is housed in at GHG is very dirty, and no number of ferrite cores could prevent massive fluctuations in our probes. For this reason, the SNAS is not currently operating as we attempt to find a solution. That being said, the fact that the genesis of our issue is the power source and not the SNAS is comforting. We would like to give one final thanks to everyone who has supported us through our design and construction of the SNAS, and we can not wait to see everyone at EurekaFest!