March 4, 2014

After Congressman Joe Kennedy’s visit, a member of his office sent our school an email that let us know about an amazing new opportunity.  Representative Joe Kennedy has commissioned an interpretation of the congressional logo from the Career and Technical Education students at Newton North which would hang in one of his offices in Newton or in Washington DC.  We couldn’t be more excited!

As always, we began the project with our research process.  Various members of the major 3 team took a temporary break from their work on the Legal Sea Foods website and gathered notes about the role and duties of Congress, the history of the Congress of the United States, and Representative Joe Kennedy himself.

All of the major 3 students went over the information the students had previously gathered and created thumbnail sketches of their logo ideas, keeping this research in mind. They then chose one of their sketches to refine into a concept sketch. We sent the students’ concept sketches along with a written explanation of each concept to the Congressman’s office to get feedback on the ideas we have so far.

Our next step will be to take Congressman Kennedy’s comments and critiques into account while we create our refined sketches.